Born in Auckland in 1979, Dylan Lind is of Cook Island and European descent. He graduated from Elam with a BFA in 2001.

Lind's puzzle-like work mixes the abstract techniques of the neo-expressionists with the patterns of the traditional Pacific quilts known as tivaevae. In his early work, Lind built scraps of mixed media, including wallpaper, cloth, linoleum and tarpaulin, into kaleidoscopic textured collages of everyday life that draw on the crafts of his cultural heritage. More recently, Lind has refined his work to enamel and acrylic, creating jewel-like geometries of woven colour thick with drips of paint.

For Lind, painting is both conceptual, exploring the contrast between the "slow moving soft lines and vibrant colours" of traditional Polynesian arts and the "hard-edged, sometimes uncompromising nature of more developed nations", and tactile, an expression of his pure joy in the physical act of spilling glossy enamel onto a clean canvas.



5 - 30 November 2019

In the works of this, his 8th solo show at OREXART, we are again witness to the ways Dylan Lind can combine his love of materials with growing skills in creating great painterly effects.


6 - 24 September 2016

Like painted walls, the words in these works paintings are not necessarily important, they point to a time, part of its expression. They become part of part of history.

Logic and Reason

24 June - 12 July 2014

This current body of work moves on from the triangular motifs of the tivaevae to rectangular, diagonal shapes based on Latin American slums or barrios, reflecting a Venezuelan landscape of chaos, civil disobedience, jailed opposition leaders, media bans, student protests, street barricades and tear gas.

hunter - gatherer

28 June - 16 July 2011

Lind's sixth show at Orexart is a melodious contemplation on the ways he can demonstrate and combine his love of materials with growing skills in creating subtle painterly effects. The grid gives way as Lind paints vaguely petal like forms that float over the veils of cooler hues.

playing a part

13 - 31 July 2010

Lind's applies abstract techniques to further blur the line between the puzzle-like grids of the traditional Cook Island tivaevae and pure abstraction.


25 August - 12 September 2009

Moving from the cut out and applied fabrics of works to acrylic and enamel on canvas, Lind reinterprets the traditional tivaevae, combining design and pattern with more modern art practices to create work reflective of the environment that he knows.


Mixed Messages (2007) mixed media on board 1240 x 2440mm


Migrant (2008) acrylic & enamel on canvas 1370 x 1010mm


Disposable Darling (2019) acrylic, enamel, oil, spray paint, graphite on board 750 x 750mm


I'm Sitting On Top of the World (2009) acrylic & enamel on canvas 1215 x 1215mm


Candyfloss (2010) acrylic and enamel on canvas 1370 x 1010mm


Gonna Watch Your Party Die (2019) acrylic, enamel, spray paint on board 520 x 460mm


Blue (2013) acrylic, enamel and spray paint on canvas 1820 x 1520mm


#yosoyvenezolano (2013) acrylic, enamel and spray paint on canvas 1820 x 1520mm


Playing With Tempera (2017) acrylic, spray paint on canvas 1220 x 840mm


Te no'o nei au (2019) mixed media on board 1320 x 1100mm


Penthouse Perfection (2019) mixed media on board 610 x 500mm


I'm Just Sitting Around Baby (2019) acrylic, enamel, oil, spray paint, graphite, board 760 x 600mm