Evelyn Dunstan was born in 1961 and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Dunstan has participated in many exhibitions and is represented in galleries in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. Along with achievements within New Zealand, she is one of just five Kiwis to win the prestigious Australasian Ranamok Glass Prize.

Dunstan's overcomes technical difficulties to achieve intricately detailed, woven and multi-coloured naturalistic designs, which allow the crystal to visually come alive with colour and light.

"Often taking the form of vessels, crowns and chalices, Dunstan's cast glass forms reference the foliage and flowers of native plants contrasted with introduced species. Grace Cochrane writes, "they are not merely literal depictions of the forms themselves; these works are observations on establishment and displacement, survival and regeneration."

- Grace Cochrane Reflections on Connections Craft Arts International, No. 81, 2011



9 February - 4 March 2017

Dunstan's current works have introduced a new delicacy of making and ideas; the pieces seem to reflect the conflicts inherent in the historical ebb and flow of human life, its fragility, ferocity and beauty.


27 February - 2 March 2014, Wellington
11 - 29 March 2014, Auckland

For Kete, Orexart presents a range of Evelyn Dunstan's chalices, crowns and stand-alone works that reveal the breadth of her expertise in cast glass.

auckland art fair

7 - 11 August 2013

Orexart commissioned a series of works specifically for AKAF 2013.


21 August - 8 September 2012

Evelyn Dunstan's first solo exhibition at Orexart showcased both the colourful, flowing luminosity of the medium, and what can be technically achieved on the leading edge of cast glass design and technique.

Te Turituri, 2011. Lost wax kiln cast. 41 H x 37 W x 37 D cm


Clematis Crown, 2013. Lost wax kiln cast 45% lead crystal. Coldworked,
110 H x 340 W x 270 D mm


Matikao (Buds): Purple Rain (2015) Cast glass 34.5h x 27.5w x 25.5d cm


Kaupapa Autumns Reach, 2011. Lost wax kiln cast 45% lead crystal.
Coldworked, sandblasted & acid-etched. 43 H x 32 W x 30 D cm


Chalices: Hope, Nikau, Humarie, 2014. Lost wax kiln cast 45% lead crystal Gaffer glass,
cold worked, sandblasted & acid-etched.


Puni (green) (2017) Cast glass 23h cm


Humarie Wai, 2013. Lost wax kiln cast 45% lead crystal. Coldworked,
sandblasted & acid etched, 325 H x 200 W/D mm


Timatanga, 2013. 45% lead crystal Gaffer glass, coldworked,
sandblasted & acid etched. 505 H x 245 W x 220 D mm


Forest King, 2013. Lost wax kiln cast 45% lead crystal. Coldworked,
sandblasted & acid etched, 430 mm H x 220 W/D mm


Puni (blue) (2017) Cast glass 21h cm


Hope For Alliance, 2013. Coldworked, sandblasted, acid etched & hand polished
33.5 H x 20 W/ D cm


Nikau, 2013. Coldworked, acid etched. 53 H x 230 W/D cm