Melbourne based, Auckland born Jeremy Blincoe is the creator of many dark and provocative works. His technically pristine photographs are highly staged, created by digitally layering images of props and models onto often stunning natural landscapes.

Blincoe has had fourteen solo exhibitions and won a number of prestigious prizes – including the 2017 Brisbane Art Prize for Simba, his beautiful moonlit portrait of an Indigenous teenager and in 2016, the Kaipara Wallace Arts Trust Award in 2016 with Tropic of Chaos, a rifle toting youth clad in a balaclava of swarming with bees.

After completing a degree in photography at Massey University, Blincoe spent several years staging and shooting images for big campaigns in New Zealand before moving to Australia in 2008 and setting a path toward a full time art practice.

Blincoe’s complex images can take several weeks to plan, stage, shoot and edit and often involve travel to far flung and remote locations.

His interest in mythology is evident in the symbolism contained in much of his work, as is his passionate concern for the environment. Inspiration stems mainly from his reading, which is wide-ranging, encompassing everything from the most current treatise on climate change, to Jungian psychology, to Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

He comments, “The reason I like those guys the most is that they’re kind of like philosophers, psychoanalysts, artists, all in one. They’ve got this firm grasp on human existence. It’s quite a remarkable skill-set to have all those things. Some of their books are really dense and real slow-burners. But for some reason, I quite like dense.”

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5 - 28 April 2018

Hyper-real settings, and dense layering of signs and symbols, plunge us into a realm that hovers between the real and the imagined, the beautiful and brutal, and confronts us with content that shifts between innocence and something altogether more sinister.

Anjani C-print 1000 x 624mm


Detachment C-print 1000 x 624mm


Otto C-print 1000 x 662mm


Spirit Line C-print 1000 x 666mm


Sassy C-print 1000 x 666mm


Nicholas C-print 1000 x 666mm


Anjani - forest C-print 1000 x 624mm


Trying to find a balance C-print 1000 x 835mm


Tyson C-print 960 x 673mm


Simba WINNER: 2017 Brisbane Art Prize


Aretha (latest work)


Nathan McGuire (latest work)